Woman got pregnant while already being pregnant, Gave birth to twins

A 30-year-old US woman gave birth to identical twins after getting pregnant while being pregnant.

The woman, Cara Winhold, got pregnant when she was already pregnant. After going through three devastating miscarriages, Winhold got pregnant in February last year. The joy for the to-be-mother turned double when she got pregnant once again after a week.

This rare medical condition is termed as ‘Superfetation’. This is a condition where another egg is released and fertilized when a lady is already pregnant. According to medical reports the condition affects around 0.3% of women in the world while in maximum of the cases, the second baby dies during the pregnancy period only. The second pregnancy happens days of weeks after the initial one.

Shocked after finding about her condition, she said in a statement, “The doctor said that most likely I ovulated twice, released two eggs and they got fertilized at different times, about a week apart. I 100% believe it was a miracle just because of everything that happened in my pregnancy journey.”

Cara and her husband, Blake has welcomed their first child in 2018. It was in then in March 2021 that she found out she was pregnant again. On a regular scan day at the doctor’s she found out that she had conceived once again, with the difference between the both being of about a week or so.

“I broke down in tears and cried. I was overwhelmed, confused, but very happy. My husband was in shock,” Cara was quoted in a report. Both her babies were born six minutes apart.

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