Woman exhibits huge rainbow snake, video goes viral: Watch

In a recent video that has been uploaded to Instagram merely 13 hours ago has grabbed attention of netizens. We can see a woman in the clip exhibiting a huge rainbow coloured snake and talking to the viewers.

Posted by the user snakes_video the post has been captioned as, “Check out My Love’s insane rainbow!” The video clip has its original audio. The post has already got more than 100 likes in merely thirteen hours of its posting to the social media site.

We can see in the video that the woman is holding the snake with much love and the huge reptile also is seen equally friendly towards the woman. As the camera pans we can watch that it really is a huge snake. And the colour of the snake is like rainbow, which can be considered as another USP of the video.

We don’t know whether this gigantic reptile is a pet of the woman or not, but across the video we can observe that she is holding as well as petting the snake while the reptile seems equally cool. She has shouldered the huge snake and showing her right hand to the snake on which the huge snake is trying to start crawling while she is speaking to the cam.

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