Woman denied boarding by Air India, suffers panic attack

A woman passenger suffered panic attack after being denied boarding by Air India. The recent incident that went viral on social media happened on May 11 at Indira Gandhi International airport. A video of the incident has been shared on Instagram by Vipul Bhimani, a relative of the lady. The video shows a lady collapsed on the floor, panting heavily.

He took to the post’s caption to explain the situation elaborately.

The caption read: “Additionally, we had a heart and diabetic lady patient with us. Knowing the situation, we already communicated Air-India staff to help us in check-in due to technical issues going on at the check-in point. They strictly denied us any assistance by saying the security check-in issue is none of our business.”

He added saying that they were successfully able to complete the check-in procedures.

He further added, “We called Air-India staff again to inform them that we have cleared check-in and we are moving towards gate 32B but we will be late by five minutes as we were having a heart and diabetic patient with us and she can’t run. My cousin reached the boarding gate within two min and I reached after him with my aunt,”

“My aunt got anxious which turned into a panic attack, and she fainted there on the spot. We asked for a medical emergency but instead of that a staff called the security and asked them to leave us at the exit gate,” he said.

He went on accusing the airlines for their mismanagement and misconduct with the passengers and expressed how strict actions should be taken against such ‘wrong doers’.


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Responding to the allegations made, Air India released a statement on how its security personnel and staff had arranged for a doctor and medical assistance on an immediate basis to which the passenger had clearly denied, stating that she felt much better by then.  The airlines also called the video a misleading image conveying Air India to be apathetic towards a passenger who was seen lying near the gate.

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