Wild elephant herd wreaks havoc in Choudwar, destroy houses, damage crops

Cuttack: Adding to the growing incidents of jumbo attack in the State, a herd of wild elephants sneaked into the villages under Dalijoda Forest Range under Cuttack Forest Division last night and caused extensive damage to crops and houses.

As per the report, the herd comprising of 16 elephants of different age groups entered into Kayalpada and Chasapada panchayats late in the night and grazed on the harvested paddy kept at the threshing yards. Later, the pachyderms also uprooted a number of trees in the village sparking fear among locals.

Earlier, the same herd which had entered into the area from Kapilash forest area passed through the 14, 15 and 16 of Choudwar Notified Area Council to reach the villages.

Till the last report came in, at least one tusker separated from the herd was roaming inside the Satitota area of Dihasahi and forest officials have rushed to the spot to drive it away.



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