‘Who cares he’s 4’: Mom gives honest reply in a school form

Every parents want their children to make progress in academics as well as co-curricular activities. They want their children to be responsible, independent, hard-working and above all be caring. From the very first day, when a child takes birth, parents start dreaming for a better future of their toddlers. They put all their efforts in giving everything best to the children. Most parents expects their children to move forward academically but when it comes to a four-year-old child , very high level of concern might be misplaced.

Parents usually write idealistic answers in the school form of their kids. However, Emily Gould, a mother of a four-year-old answered questions in the form given by the school with full honesty. She didn’t mince her words. The way she gave answers to the questions in the form, is quite relatable to many parents. Emily is definitely one coolest mum and is not at all concerned about how her four-year-old son is doing academically.

Recently, she shared a snap of the form that she filled for her son’s school. On Twitter she mocked the questions asked by the school. In the form, Emily was asked about what she would like her son to work on throughout the academic year. The mum, who didn’t understand why she would have any particular goals for her four-year-old son, made her stand out and clear.

“Academically, one thing I would like my child to work on this year is” read one of the questions. Emily genuinely replied, “who cares, he is 4.” Another prompt says: “Socially, one thing I would like my child to work on this term is:” And her answer was, “Not being a popular mean girl.” Next, she was asked to describe her son in three words, and Emily picked, “Radiant, self-sufficient, and effortlessly cool.”

In the tweet, she captioned the image as “just being honest”.

The last question on the form was “Is there anything else you would like me to know about your child?” And the mother came up with another sassy reply. She wrote, “You will love Ilya. He’s such a sweet person that sometimes I wonder if he was switched at birth. (Then I remember I had a home birth lol).”

People in the comment section have praised Emily’s honest answers.

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