WhatsApp Is Going To Be Even More Fun With These Features

The users of WhatsApp are increasing day by day, due to which the company is constantly bringing new features in it to make it more exciting and fun. Billions of people running it are going to get features like shopping buttons, displaying messages in it soon, and more new features on this platform.

These new features are coming

According to the information, new features like advanced wallpapers, new emojis and read letters are also coming to WhatsApp. Through Advanced Wallpaper, users will be able to set different wallpapers for different chats. Apart from this, the company is going to replace its vacation mode feature with the read letter feature. Apart from this, the company is preparing to add new emojis on its platform like Roller Skates, Bison, Black Kate, Sea Lion, Heart, Lungs and many other emojis.

No more notifications will bother you

WhatsApp recently rolled out an update that revealed some new features. On both Android and iOS users have got the option to mute notifications of groups or chats forever. There are many groups in almost every user’s WhatsApp, which are compulsory to be members. These can be of many types, whose messages are of no use to you. Such groups can now be muted forever and unnecessary notifications of messages coming in them will not bother you anymore.

(Source: agniban.com)

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  1. Roundtwo says

    It is better to use the utopia ecosystem. Whatsapp is nonsense.

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