WhatsApp chats are leaking, you can save yourself by using these easy methods

These days you must be constantly reading the news of WhatsApp chats leaking. Drugs are under investigation in Bollywood and NCB is questioning Bollywood stars one after another in the case of Drugs.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp chats of many celebrities are also coming out. The investigation of drugs case is going on and in such cases it is not common for WhatsApp chats to be leaked. Because WhatsApp claims that the chats done on WhatsApp are end to end encryption. Apart from the sender and receiver, no one, even WhatsApp, can read it.

Therefore you need to know how you can avoid WhatsApp chat leaks. For this, some things are very important for you to know.

Not direct chat from WhatsApp, but indirect chats can be leaked and you will remain oblivious to it. There are end to end WhatsApp chats, but the company has clearly stated that its backup and end to end is not encrypted.

Do Chat Backup on the Cloud Ignore: WhatsApp has a chat backup on iCloud and Gmail Drive. iCloud for iPhone users, while Android users’ WhatsApp backup goes to the Gmail drive. It is clear that backed up chats are not encrypted and this is a risk.

You can turn off chat backup by going to the settings of WhatsApp. If necessary chats are to be backed up, then you can export different chats to email. After this, you can download and delete it on your computer. This will also save your backup and there will be no problem of leaking chat from cloud.

If you have to back up your chats in the cloud, then it is important for you to keep your cloud drive secure. For this, you have to keep a strong password, as well as enable two factor authentications. It will be found in the password settings of Gmail. By clicking here, you can read about two factor authentication in detail.

If you want to delete the backup of WhatsApp from your cloud space, then you also have this option. For this, you can log into Google Drive with your Gmail ID and go to the WhatsApp folder. From here you can delete WhatsApp backup file.

You can lock WhatsApp for normal safety and security. Here also enable two step verifications and continuously monitor WhatsApp web session and sign out.

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