What a catch! Gigantic fish weighing 78.4 kgs caught off the coast of Odisha

Jaleswar: A team of five fishermen trapped a telia bhola fish weighing over 78 kgs from a bay linked to Kapura river on the coast of Odisha in the Sundarbans of South 24-Parganas in West Bengal. The fish is reportedly taller than the normal height of a human.

The gigantic telia bhola fish was 7 feet long and weighs 78 kgs 400 grams. The locals of the area gathered in the area to witness the huge rare catch. The fish was later taken to the Canning wholesale market for auction where the sale started at Rs 16,500 per kg.

However, the gigantic fish was finally sold at a price more than Rs 36,53,605 at the auction, added reports.

The fishermen have said that earlier huge fishes weighing 50 kg to 60 kg was brought to the wholesale market unlike the 78 kilo telia bhola fish.

It is noteworthy of that a fish exporter has claimed that the giant Telia Bhola fish has immense medicinal value.

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