Water Level In Jalaka River Crosses Danger Mark, Villagers In Distress

Balasore: Incessant rain lashing in Balasore has resulted in the rise of water level in the Jalaka river  is reportedly flowing above the danger mark.

According to sources, the danger mark level of Jalaka river is 5.5 metre near Mathani under Basta block and has touched 6.42 metres on Wednesday morning.

Following this, panic triggered among locals after flood situation emerges in the low-lying areas close to the river and thousands of hectares of paddy crops were damaged due to flood water.

Low lying areas and farms were inundated in Mathani, Baharda, Kudia, Dudhahansa, Bachasakurai, Darada, Brahmanada, Barunagadia  area in Basta block and two panchyats Srirampur and Rasulpur of Sadar block are affected by flood water.


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