Water level in Hirakud Dam reaches 630 ft for first time this year

Sambalpur: The flood water level in Hirakud Dam of Sambalpur has reached 630 feet on Tuesday afternoon for the first time this year following two consecutive formation of low pressure in Bay of Bengal which eventually resulted in highest rainfall than expected.

Reportedly, this was recorded after 3 pm yesterday. Later, it was recorded that 46,833 cusecs of water was entering the reservoir and the same amount was also being released by 9 pm.

It was expected that the flood water will touch the level of reservoir due to low rainfall as of September month. However, level of water crossed the limit due to continuous heavy rainfall after September 11.

It is noteworthy of that, 26 sluice gates of Hirakud Dam was opened to release the flood water due to heavy rainfall in Chhattisgarh.

According to rule curve, the authorities have decided to keep the reservoir water at highest level. The rule curve specifies the storage or empty space to be maintained in a reservoir during different times of the year. It is a part of the core safety mechanism in a dam.

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