Watch what happens when women from rural areas climb escalator for the first time

Generally, we feel uncomfortable when we do something for the first time. You must have seen or personally might have got embarrassed, or uncomfortable while doing a new job. It continues until we get used to it. Recently, some women from the rural areas were seen walking on the escalator for the first time and their reaction started winning the hearts of the people on the internet after a video of the incident was shared on the social media platform.

A short video has been shared on the Instagram page named fresh_outta_stockz. In the video, it can be seen that three women from the rural areas were using the escalator for the first time. As per the caption of the video, they were using the escalator at Kolkata Metro station.

The first woman comes up on the escalator but she feels afraid to get out of it at the end as she does not know. While a voice is being heard saying her to raise one of her legs, a person standing there catches her. After this, another woman comes and she also crosses the escalator by raising her leg up in the air. The third woman also comes and starts smiling at the last.

Lakhs of social media users have watched the video while thousands of them have liked and commented on it.


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(The intention of posting this story is not to make fun of the women, but rather to praise their courage to use the escalator despite fear and panic.)

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