Watch: Viral video shows how to peel off an egg easily

Now-a-days, people like to try simple and easy alternative hacks that helps them do day-to-day work in an efficient way. And the internet always provides such videos which shows people trying to do some daily household works by using new tricks.

For example, we have seen people suggesting many hacks that helps in organising a house in a short time or tips for cooking or some other daily things.

Now, a video of a man who has found a new way to peel boiled eggs quickly is going viral on the internet.

The viral video shared by YouTube shows an influencer peeling a boiled egg without peeling it. This must be sound confusing to you, but it’s true.

The man named Max Klymenko was seen making a relatively large hole at the bottom of the boiled egg then he makes a small one on top. Next, he just blew air into the hole on top with all his might. And, voila! The egg came out without any hassle.

“BRB boiling eggs tonight just to do THIS,” reads the caption of the post.

This trick may help you when you are very hungry and decide to boil eggs to satiate your hunger. But the hard-boiled eggs that you cooked with bated breath, does not peel properly when you proceed to peel it. With this trick, you can save yourself irritation and disappointment.

Watch the viral video here:


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The video has already been viewed by over 3 lakh viewers after being shared online on Instagram by YouTube. This video has garnered conflicting reaction from users. While some users were eager to try the hack, others were not very impressed.

One user commented, “And serve to guests as it is coated with your breath and saliva” .

While another user wrote, “I’ll try.”

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