WATCH: Viral video of two leopards on a coconut tree!

We often hear of domestic cats getting stuck on trees. Even they only dare to climb trees that are adequately branched so that they can move about freely. Most of the big cats are not great climbers and prefer staying on the ground, even though they are certainly capable of climbing trees. However, leopards are one breed of big cats who are not only extremely agile and experts at climbing trees, but also prefer to spend a lot of their time on trees. This serves multiple purposes as well. Since leopards are great at climbing trees, they can go up to heights where other larger cats can’t reach them. They often climb up trees with their prey clamped in their mouth so that they can hide it. Leopards also climb up tall trees to ambush prey. Now that we have established that leopards are fantastic climbers, let us talk about a video of two leopards on a coconut tree.

This viral video seems to have been taken in a farm in Sangvi village which falls under Sinnar taluka of Nashik. Locals spotted the majestic cats on the tree.

The video starts off with a leopard having climbed halfway on to the coconut tree. It has stopped and keeps looking at the ground seemingly searching for something. It also climbs back down a little way. however, another leopard appears out of nowhere and starts following the first leopard who starts climbing up the tree rapidly. They seem to have a short fight at the very top of the tree, after which one of the big cats climbs down slowly.

The video was posted by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan on his Twitter account. Since being posted on September 18, the video has garnered over one lakh views and 4000 comments. Mr. Kaswan wholeheartedly praised the animals in his post and opined that they were the most adaptive of all big cats.


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