Watch Video of 9-feet long bottle gourd grown in Odisha village

Keonjhar: A 9-feet of bottle gourd has now become a centre of attraction at Sailong village in Keonjhar district of Odisha. It has grown on the top of the thatched cowshed of one Ghanasyam.

Ghanasyam said that he had planted some seeds of the old bottle gourd, which he had preserved, in the backyard of his house around 45 days ago. The seeds spouted and the vine gradually engulfed the entire thatched roof of his cowshed.

The bottle-gourd vine started to bear several fruits. However, to everyone’s surprise, one of the bottle gourds became as long as 9-feet and its weight is said to be around 15-16 kgs. The bottle gourd vine also has several bottle gourds which are said to be much bigger than the normal size.

People from different villages visit the house to see the bottle gourds and ask Ghanasyam the process he followed for the cultivation. Some of them also are taking selfies with the bottle gourds very happily.

Ghanasyam’s wife said that they never used any chemical rather they use the natural process and manure to grow the bottle gourds.

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