Watch: Pilot’s Sweet Announcement For Wife Travelling On Same Flight Melts Hearts

In today’s viral video a Pilot makes a sweet announcement for his wife traveling on the same flight. Upon hearing the message just before takeoff, the passengers on the plane greeted the woman warmly as she boarded the plane being flown by her better half.

The video was uploaded by user Tylee Shay on her Instagram account, she is a photographer by profession. Her spouse was the pilot of the aircraft she was riding in.

In the video, the pilot of the flight can be seen taking on the mic to deliver a special announcement for his wife, who was traveling in the same flight. “I’m the captain on this flight. Just wanted to give you all a warm welcome. And a special welcome to my wife, who is seated in row 3. I love you. Thanks for coming along. We are expecting an on-time departure,” he announced. When fellow passengers on board learned that the woman was the pilot’s wife, they applauded her.

Tylee Shay shared this beautiful video along with a cute caption. She wrote “POV: You’re married to the pilot…I realized I never shared this on here! I got to tag along on one of Gavin’s trips a while back, and I’ll forever cherish this memory (and forever wonder why they clapped?) Can’t wait to tag along on his newer (aka bigger lol) plane very soon!!!”.

The video has garnered more than 5.9 million views so far. Internet users shared their own comparable experiences in a number of comments that were relevant to the video.


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