WATCH: Huge Fish Weighing 27 kgs Worth 4 Lakh Caught Off The Coast Of Odisha

Balasore: A huge fish costing 4 lakh has been caught off the coast of Digha near Odisha-West Bengal border. The fishermen were in awe of the fish which weighed around 27 kgs.

This fish has been identified as a Bhekti. According to sources, each kilogram of the fish is said to have sold at around Rs.16,000/-.

It is noteworthy that the fish was bought by a pharmaceutical company ‘ARM’ at a whooping 4 lakh.

The fish is generally found in deep waters and was caught in the fishing net of a trawler called, “Ma Anadaieni”. A huge crowd had gathered in the market place to get a glimpse of this rare fish.

The company which brought the fish said that it is used to manufacture medicines so they did not mind paying the huge price attached to it.

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