Watch how this woman fails while trying to refuel her car, viral video has over 6.6 million viewership within 15 hrs

Video purportedly showing a woman failing while trying to refuel her car is now massively going viral on social media platforms. The video went viral after it was shared on the Twitter handle of Clown World (@ClownWorld_).

In the 1.32-minute long video, which has been shared without any caption, it can be seen that a woman drives her car to a filling station to refuel her car. Soon she takes the fuel filler pipe to refuel her car. However, she could not as she had parked farer than the fuel filler pipe can reach. Realizing that the pipe cannot reach the car, she goes to rearrange the pipe and then refills the fuel. But then she fails again. This happened a couple of times.

The woman also drove the can and brought it a little close to the fuel kiosks, but still, then she could not succeed. She made at least three rounds before she could refuel the car. The entire incident was filmed by some people who also had gone to refuel their vehicle.

Though the name of the place where the incident took place and the time when the video was filmed is yet to be known, over 6.6 million people have watched it within 15 hours. While some called it as fake, some others enjoyed the video and gave witty comments.

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