Watch how this scientist deliberately feeds himself to thousands of mosquitoes; Know why

How do you feel when you are bitten by four-five mosquitoes at one time? There is no doubt that you would get irritated and try your best to kill those mosquitoes. Then can you imagine someone getting bit by thousands of mosquitoes at one go.

However, Entomologist Perran Ross deliberately fed himself to thousands of mosquitoes with an aim to find a cure for diseases. “Our study on inbreeding and laboratory adaptation in mosquitoes is out now!” he captioned a GIF while sharing it on his Twitter handle.

Perran Ross, who has been working on controlling the spread of dengue, zika, and other viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, also shared a picture of his left arm post feeding the mosquitoes. “I usually feed about 250 female mosquitoes at a time before moving onto the next group. After an hour or two of feeding thousands of mosquitoes, my arm gets very warm and is completely covered in welts,” he said.

Researchers including Ross are injecting a bacteria called ‘Wolbachia’ into the egg of a specific mosquito species (Aedes aegypti) as they do not have Wolbachia occurring naturally in its body. Interestingly, dengue fever transmitted by Aedes aegypti.

According to reports, scientists have begun to feed the female mosquitoes regularly so that they remain alive and lay more eggs. Giving them blood is one of the easiest ways to feed the mosquitos which is why Ross feeds himself to thousands of mosquitoes.

(With inputs from Times Now Digital)

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