Watch how this lineman fixing high transmission at the risk of his life; Anand Mahindra stunned

Seeing a dangerous video of an employee of Maharashtra State Power Transmission Company Ltd, Anand Mahindra, country’s leading entrepreneur living in Mumbai, said that now he will think many times before complaining about the electricity services.

Actually, this video shows the courageous work of an employee engaged in fixing a high transmission line in Khandala area. It has been told that this 55-second video is of the Khandala area lying between the coastal Kankar and the Western Ghats.

In the video, the transmission line that the employee is working on is located at a great height from the ground. He is there alone to complete this risky work.

Please tell that a serious power crisis had arisen due to grid failure in Mumbai and surrounding areas. People had to face a lot of trouble with this.

On this video shared by Dayanand Kamble, Deputy Director, Maharashtra Information Center-New Delhi, the head of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group of Industries tweeted, “Before ever complaining further I will think of such brave brawlers on high strings And pray for their safety.”

Kamble said that the employees of MSETCL were engaged for four days to solve the grid problem. Mainly due to a malfunction in the same line, there was a power failure in the financial capital of the country on Monday.

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