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Watch: Bihar thief dangles on train window, as passengers catch him stealing mobiles


In a worst nighmare ever in one’s life, a thief trying to snatch mobile phone from a passenger train can be seen hanging from the window of a moving train in Bihar’s Sonepur.

The video has gone viral all over the social media.

The thief was reportedly trying to steal the mobile phone of another man when he was caught by the victim. They did not let him go and also dragged him till the next station.

The thief has been identified as Pankaj Kumar.

In the viral video, the train was nearing the end of its journey from Begusarai to Khagaria, when the man tried to snatch a mobile phone from a passenger near Sahebpur Kamal station. The passengers held the man by his hand as he kept apologising and also urged the passengers to hold him afloat.

His journey lasted for 10 kilometres and he was finally let go when the train neared Khagaria station.

Pankaj has been handed over to Khagaria Railway Police. The police have registered a case in this case on victim’s plea.

Here is the video: 

  1. Ulta Pulta says

    This is cruelty! People who did this should not be allowed to use mobile phone for 10 days! Also pay a fine of 100 rupees each to Pankaj Kumar. Railway too should pay 200 rupees to him.

  2. abrakadabra says

    you too should pay 100 rupees to the thief

  3. abrakadabra says

    You can adopt the thief and take care of him

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