Want to buy plots in Bhubaneswar? BDA issues e-auction notice

Bhubaneswar: The demand for residential plots/flats has been increasing with each passing day in the fast growing city of Bhubaneswar. In order to meet the increasing demand and to fulfill the aspiration of the people who wish to have a residential plot in the capital city, BDA has taken an initiative to allot developed residential plots in the prime location of capital city at Sahidnagar & Ghatikia Mouza to be disposed on ‘As-is-where-is basis’ through e-auction through service provider.

Reportedly, this scheme offers four developed plots in Sahidnagar and 16 developed plots at Ghatikia Mouza through e-auction plot of different sizes. The list of asset under BDA scheme are as follows:

The area of land might increase or decrease and subject to final measurement at the time of handing over physical possession. However, in case of change in the land area the payment shall be adjusted on pro-rata basis. The payment shall be made as per the land available physically in site even if the area in the corresponding to hal plot is slightly-less i.e. within 5 % of permissible limit.


  • The applicant must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must be of 18 years of age as on the last date of submission of the application.
  • The applicant must have registered on-line in the official website of BDA and have obtained Unique Account Number (UAN) after successful registration.
  • The applicant or his/her family members is not the owner of any freehold or leasehold dwelling unit or plot of land within the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar Development Authority.
  • For the purpose “Family” means the applicant, applicant’s husband / wife and unmarried children. In case the applicant is un-married, his/her father and mother
  • will come under the family member.
  • Any allotment made on the basis of false/fabricated, information and /or suppression of fact(s) shall be cancelled on forfeiture of the total payment of consideration  received by BDA and consequential repossession of the allotted plot and/or construction if any made over the plot. In addition , the applicant/allottee shall be liable  for criminal prosecution of filing false affidavit(s)information(s).

How to submit the application:

  • The intending/intended applicant/bidder is required to obtain “UAN” (Unique Account Number) which can be generated from BDA website www.bda.gov.in before  getting registered for e-auction. (This will be free of cost to applicants).
  • The bidders are required to get registered online in the e-auction portal with Class-III digital signature and keep themselves ready for the e-auction.
  • The registration is valid for one year from the date of registration. Registration charges will be Rs.1180/- (Rupees one thousand one hundred and eighty only)  (inclusive G.S.T) and is non–refundable and to be payable through online e-payment mode.
  • The applicants who had already registered may renew their registration within time to participate in the e-auction. Registration charge(s) and Auction participation charge(s) are to be borne/ paid through online payment mode only.
  • Auction EMD is to be paid through online mode to the account of Bhubaneswar Development Authority Bhubaneswar in ICICI Branch account bearing No.  006101057870, IFSC code ICIC0000061 through NEFT/RTGS mode only. The EMD amount should be credited into BDA account by due date positively.
  • Apart from this ,the Bidder will have to deposit Fixed amount towards Earnest Money (EMD) of Rs.5,00,000/-(Rupees Five lakhs) only as per the Payment Schedule  given in table mentioned at Clause No.7 for participating in the e-Auction. However one applicant can apply for maximum of three (3) assets only. The successful  highest bidder will have to deposit the differential amount of EMD calculated on the basis of 10% of the highest bid minus the deposit of EMD made for less EMD as
    provided in clause 7.2 before issuance of provisional allotment letter. The successful bidder will have to submit hard copy of documents uploaded along with balance EMD amount.
  • The bidder shall also pay non-refundable “e-Bid Participation charge” of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees five thousand) only per each asset in which he/she will participate  (subject to maximum of three asset) and will be valid only for one e-Auction event of a property for participating in e-auction.
  • No application for withdrawal of bids will be entertained after 72 hours prior to schedule starting of bid process i.e the applicant can apply for withdrawals of bids by 11.00 A.M. of 01.11.2021only and not after that.

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