Viral video: Watch how youth meets accident twice in 9 seconds

Showing stunts from a moving bike on the road has become a fashion these days. Several youths are seen performing such stunts and making videos of the same and share them on different social media platforms.

However, performing stunts is not an easy task. The youths put their lives at risk and at a time become the victims of accidents. Sometimes even it is seen that other innocent people get injured due to their mistakes.

One such video is going viral on the internet nowadays. This shocking video has been shared on the Twitter account of @mrwhite321. The video, which was posted on August 12, 2022 has been viewed for above 43.8K times and gained hundreds of likes till now.

In the viral video, it can be seen that three youths were going on a two-wheeler. Suddenly, they meet with an accident when the rider tried to perform a stunt. Soon after falling off the vehicle, three of them tried to get up and run towards both sides of the road to avoid being hit by other vehicles. While two of them reached the sides, one youth was hit by another bike within 9 seconds.

Watch the video:

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