Viral Video: Watch amazing traffic jam by peacocks

New Delhi : Amid the ongoing lockdown 4.0, video of a traffic jam has gone viral on social media. However, the viral video doesn’t feature any human being. It is an amusing and beautiful video of peafowl  blocking the road.

IFS Parveen Kaswan has shared the video on his Twitter handle which shows that a road was completely blocked as around hundred peacocks were found the road.

The video showed that peafowl was standing on the road when a car was passing through it.  The peacocks were seen moving out of the road after noticing the car. Interestingly, one of the peacocks was also seen dancing by spreading its feather. The video has been captured by a person who was in the car.

IFS Parveen Kaswan has shared the video and captioned it as ‘Amazing traffic jam by the national bird’. The video has been reportedly shot from Rajasthan.

While IFS officer has shared the video on May 17, more than 139.2 K people have already seen the video. Likewise, it has got more than 12.1K likes. Besides, all those who are liking it also have retweeted it (2.6K)

Heere is the Video:


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