Viral video: Elephant mimics a little girl dancing!

There are many viral videos on the internet that are capable of bringing a smile to the face even on the worst days. In the list of these videos, the ones that have children and animals would rank quite high. The reason for this is also pretty simple. People like videos that involve only one of these subjects as well. Therefore, when both are combined, it is an absolute overload of cuteness. When we talk about videos that have animals and children interacting, the first thought is usually that pets like cats, dogs, or even horses might be involved. However, the video that we are going to talk about today has a cute interaction between a little girl and a giant tusker! In this viral video, the elephant mimics the little girl dancing merrily!

The video was shared by IPS Dipanshu Kabra’s official Twitter handle on Saturday. He posted the video with the caption, “Who did it better?” along with an emoticon. The now-viral video starts with a cute little girl standing in front of an elephant and its caregiver. The girl abruptly performs a few dance steps and then stops. Within a few moments, the elephant quickly imitates the girl’s movements by shaking its heads and displaying and flapping its enormous ears.

Watch the video here:

In just a few hours, the video has received over 15,000 views. Furthermore, the post has received a large number of likes and retweets. Some people responded to Kabra’s question by mentioning who did well, while others simply enjoyed the footage. “Both did well,” one user commented, while another added, “I was feeling stuck after continuous study, this video makes me fresh, thanku sir, and thanks a lot my dear haathi mere sathi.”

This video where the elephant mimics the little girl has clearly won over the internet!

Elephants are the largest existing land animals. Not just that, they are also very smart and highly trainable.

Elephants were used in temple construction in ancient times. Recently, a post shared by Indian Forest Officer (IFS) Parveen Kaswan on engineer’s day went viral on social media. Kaswan referred to elephants as the civil engineers of the forests in his post, noting that their footfalls create roadways in the bush. “Do you know #elephants are civil engineers of #forests, they build roads with their footsteps. They built rivers while walking in them. They are farmers who help in regeneration and help in checking soil erosion,” he tweeted. Elephants were also used to transport large stones and other construction supplies in ancient temple construction. “In ancient India they were temple builders,” he added.

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