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Viral Video: Drunk wedding guest accidentally set the decorations on fire, watch what happens next


It is customary to set off firecrackers at weddings. However, when a guest unintentionally ignited a fire, one family’s enjoyment briefly turned into fear. Fortunately, it was swiftly taken under control, but the “drunken” man’s antics have gained widespread attention online.

The 90’s hit song “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred can be heard playing on speakers as the bearded, obviously inebriated, man dances behind a woman. Then, out of nowhere, the firecrackers in his palm set the flowery ornamentation- on a wooden barrel behind him- on fire. The man is shown blithely dancing along, unaware of what is happening behind him, as the person taking the video and the other guests can be heard yelling “ahhhhh…fire…fire.”

Pulling the white tulle curtain from the entrance gate, another woman can be seen trying to block the flames from entering the barn. The male also put out the flames. He is shown casually removing the flaming ornament with his arm as commotion breaks out, complete with yelling and laughter.

After a short while, he can be seen attempting to put out the flames by stomping on the flaming ornament while another man approaches to spray water on it. After the fire was out, the other guests breathed a sense of relief, but the man appeared to be unfazed and continued to groove.

According to the sources, the initial video uploaded to TikTok was removed. Since then, over 13 million people have watched the video that was posted on Twitter.

While everyone was relieved that nothing awful occurred, many emphasized how it could have been far worse if it had not been contained in time. Others, however, were merely amazed at his ability to extinguish the flames while having “no concern in the world.”

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