Viral Video: Bride Insists On Going To The Parlour On A Royal Enfield!

A video of a bride riding a bullet in her wedding garb is making rounds on the internet.

A person’s wedding is one of the most important days in their life. It does not really come as a surprise when they want to do something special and unique to commemorate this occasion and make it a day to remember forever. Wedding planners throughout the world work tirelessly to ensure that the day goes exactly according to the whim of the people involved in the marriage. These days, the people to be wedded generally have a very specific vision in mind about what they want to do for their wedding, and people around them are always willing to do what is necessary to help them accomplish their dream wedding.

One such video has recently delighted the internet where a bride can be seen insisting that she wants to ride a Royal Enfield to the beauty parlour before her wedding. The fact that she is wearing a heavy lehenga and a delicate dupatta does not seem to bother her in the least.

In the video she can be seen instructing someone off camera to adjust her lehenga.

After being satisfied with the state of her garb, she zooms off on the Bullet with people accompanying her to ensure her safety, as well as to record the very special moment.

After getting ready, she reportedly arrived at the venue on the same bike as well.

The text on the video says “Stubborn bride I want to take the bullet only” in Hindi.

The original video posted by the Instagram page “deera.makeovers” has garnered close to 3 lakh views.

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People have been divided over this decision of the bride. While some have applauded her decision to do something unique to make her day special, some others have called her reckless and her actions dangerous.

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