Viral Video: Anaconda-Alligator Fight Captured, See Who Wins

Nature never fails to surprise us, and here is a viral video of an alligator and anaconda engaged in a wild fight captured in Brazil.

The viral video shows a crocodile battling to survive as a huge snake continued to encircle it.

The video was captured by Kim Sullivan who hails from the United States in September.

It is to be noted that, the video is now going viral after it was shared on an Instagram page called ‘africanwildlife1’.

The Instagram page captioned the post, “It’s not a Python, It’s not a Boa Constrictor…it’s the biggest of them all: The Anaconda.”

The viral video has garnered as many as 11,400 thousand likes and 165 comments.

kinohio a user wrote: The croc does not seem concerned? Did the anaconda suffocate it, or is he using the crock like a log? 😂 
oliverjude07 another user says: Both were exhausted in the end. The Anaconda had to uncoil and leave the place while the Croc was too exhausted to do anything to the Anaconda because of the strangle.
charlieboychop said another user: If a African rock python could swallow Crocs and buffalo then an anaconda can definitely swallow a croc. 

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