Video of otter juggling pebble on chest goes viral: Watch

A video of an otter juggling pebble on its chest has gone viral. Uploaded to Twitter by a user named Buitengebieden he captioned the video as, “Juggling otter…” The video has so far earned 6337 retweets, 370 quote tweets and more than 50 likes.

We can see in the video that a cute otter is sleeping flat on a rocky surface and juggling a pebble by its chest. The video seems very cute.

While the video has earned many comments so far, netizens have come up with different opinions. Many users have praised the act with encouraging words, some have tried to explain why otter practice such juggling.

A user fondly commented, “His nickname is Rocky,” to which another user replied, “ Aww…very fitting.”

Another user tried to explain the process and wrote, “They do that because that’s how they crack open shell fish. It’s a roll they do and they use rocks as tools.”

And another user quipped, “Maybe doing a hot stone treatment.”

Watch the video here:

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