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Video of little boy apologising to teacher goes viral, internet calls it adorable!


Students and teachers have a special bond. The teachers who take care of students in their younger days have an even closer relationship. In an adorable video that has recently come up, a little boy can be seen apologising to his teacher. The video has melted hearts of people online who can’t stop gushing about how cute it is.

The video opens with the teacher sitting on a chair wearing a black saree. The little boy is standing right in front of her. IN the dialogue exchanged between them, the student can be seen apologising to her. However, the teacher seems miffed by the boy’s antics. She tells him that he keeps repeating his mischievous acts, despite her having told him off repeatedly, and him having promised her before that he wont repeat the same again. The student is seen trying hard to placate her and win back her affection. While it is obvious that the teacher is only acting like she is very upset with him and is actually not that angry, the student seems to be very convinced that the teacher is not willing to talk to her anymore because of how naughty he has been.

He keeps apologising and promising her that he won’t repeat his mistake again, as well as periodically hugging and kissing the teacher on the cheek. The teacher finally makes him promise that he won’t repeat his behaviour and asks him to kiss both her cheeks, and kisses him back. Satisfied, the kid runs back to his place.

Shared by multiple channels, the video has gone viral over social media.

Watch the video here:

While people have found this interaction very sweet and have reminisced about their school days and the teachers who they liked and admired, many others have pointed out that the video is very problematic and have asked people to think about it if the genders of the student and teacher were reversed.

What do you think about the video?

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  1. Amarpreet says

    Though the interaction seems quite cute, but it’s not appropriate to ask the student to kiss the teacher or vice versa. That shouldn’t be encouraged

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