Vegetable Prices Soar In Odisha Sellers Scared To Buy Stock, New Temporary Shops Set Up By BMC

Bhubaneswar: Vegetable prices soar in Odisha amid the coronavirus situation. The sellers seem to be at a loss too. The prices of vegetables and spices are rising with each passing day.

The prices are so high that even the sellers are scared to buy them.  Brinjal is available at Rs. 50, Bitter Gourd at Rs. 70, Janhi at Rs.40 and Raw Papaya at Rs. 30. The prices have almost doubled.

With very few people stepping out of their homes, a lot of vegetable is being wasted hence the sales are down.

It is noteworthy that, Even the price of Rice has gone up by almost Rs.100 per quintal, the poor and  lower middle class seem to have been badly affected.

The vegetable vendors have been shifted by the BMC to new locations designated for the convince of citizens so that they can maintain Social Distance while buying vegetables. It has also converted the mo bus stands across the city as temporary vending areas.

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  1. Sandipani Mohanty says

    Not in all parts of Odisha. Today at Jajpur Road. Brinjal 25, bitter guard 30, cucumber 30, Janhi 40 and kakharu 20 ruppes per kg.

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