UNICEF propagates Odia actor Sabyasachi’s appeal against COVID 19 stigma

Bhubaneswar:  It’s not just the spread of COVID-19, we need to respond against stigma and discrimination during these times is equally harmful, says Odia actor Sabyasachi Mishra, who has garnered huge admiration these days after rescuing a lot of people who were stranded in other states due to lock down that had been put in force in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic.

UNICEF India tweeted his appeal through a video and said, “It’s not just the spread of #COVID19 we need to respond against, stigma and discrimination during these times is equally harmful.

Sabyasachi Mishra, Odia and Telugu film actor encourages us to spread positivity and care for each other.”

In the video Sabyasachi appeals:

“Namaskar. I am Sabyasachi. Hope you and your family are safe and doing well. Today I don’t want to talk about the COVIC-19 pandemic. In fact, I am here to speak to you about an issue which is far more dangerous than COVID-19. I am aware that right now we all fear COVID-19, and this fear is quite understandable. This also helps us stay alert and take precautions. We need to be conscious of the situation and stay away from possible sources of the virus. But when fear turns to panic, problems become huge. Today based on false and fake information, this fear has become deep-rooted in our society. And this is wrong. I would like to tell you that this fight of ours is against a virus. It’s not against any race, religion or people of a certain region. During such trying times we need to help each other. We should be sympathetic to each other. And remember one more thing, if our fear assumes undesirable proportions. It will discourage people from going for their COVID-19 tests. The fear of being ostracized from their village and the fear of possible insults for the family will discourage many from going to a health center for a test. And this will create bigger problems and will worsen the situation. I would once again request you to rely on information from the government and credible sources. Please do not panic unnecessarily. I hope you know how to keep yourself protected from COVID-19. Wash your hands properly with soap and water for twenty seconds, wear masks and maintain social distance. Doing so will keep you and your family safe from COVID-19. Once again, I would like to say that this is the time

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