Unbelievable but true! This youth can turn into a car within seconds: Watch

In a recent amazing video we can see that a youth can transform into a car within a couple of seconds. Though it seems unbelievable, it is true and we can very well watch it in the video.

In Hollywood movie ‘Transformer’ we have seen cars transform into huge robots and later they can also return to become cars. While this was film, in reality also a youth managed to do so. The video was uploaded to Twitter by an user named Figen who also writes ‘Great’ and gives a thumbsup and a smiley in the caption. The video has gone viral on social media. The post has so far earned 24.1k retweets, 991 Quote tweets and 112.9k likes.

In the video we can see that a youth has worn a plastic set up on his body while a set of tyres has been attached to his hands. The costume that he is wearing is like the upper portion of a yellow car. While he is walking on the street normally as a human wearing a special costume, within a couple of seconds he is bowing and rolling on the road when the set up he is wearing is seeing like the upper portion of a car. And astonishingly, the feel of the youth is like a toy car.

Social media users have come up with their reactions for the video. A twitter user has commented, “Cleaver…. I would tip him.” Another user commented, “Sorry very old one.”. Yet, to it another user replied, “But still got over 5.8k likes and 1.1k re-tweets so who cares if it is old or not?”

Watch the video here:

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