Two female constables suckle girl child, Save Life

Two female police constables saved the life of a two and a half month old girl by feeding her milk in Rajasthan’s Baran district.

The girl’s father, Radheshyam, a drunkard, had gone from his home in Chhipabdaud village to visit his in-laws in Kamkheda village on May 3. Early in the morning next day, he quietly left from the house taking the child with him. After going about 15 kilometres into the forest, he sat down midway and started consuming drugs, and left the child crying due to hunger and thirst.

A complaint was lodged by the child’s mother who suspected that her husband might have carried the child along with him. Upon search, the police found the girl lying on the ground near her father who had passed out due to excessive inebriation.

The child was bought to the police station along with the intoxicated man. Seeing the critical condition of the child, two on duty constables, Muklesh and Pooja, immediately took turns to feed her their milk to satisfy her hunger.

After a while, the child was safely handed over to her mother. Police said that intoxicating pills were found near the place where Radheshyam was found.  Further investigation on the matter is still going on.

This act of kindness and selflessness has gotten immense regards and appreciation from people all over. In a time as such, Muklesh and Pooja proved that humanity still exists.




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