Tusker Found Dead In Odisha With Tusk Cut Off

Boudh: An elephant has been killed for its tusk yet again under Boudh Forest Divison in Odisha on Thursday.

According to reports, the elephant was found dead by the locals in the Bankamundi Reserve, Baghiapada Section of the Boudh Forest.

The elephant carcass was spotted with its tusk cut off by a hunter.

Reportedly, the elephant’s body was found in the Bankamundi Forest Reserve.

However, the locals have alleged that the last night the forest department hastily buried the body. Bones and bones were found at the scene.

Similarly, the salt and phenyl used for burial have also been burnt down.

It is noteworthy that, yesterday another tusker elephant carcass was recovered from the Bhurkipada forest in Baghiapada section.


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