Triathlon competitor from Rajasthan dies in Puri district of Odisha

Puri: In a sad incident, a youth, who had come to participated in the triathlon competition that was going on in the Ramachandi area of Puri district in Odisha was killed.

The deceased has been identified as Nitin Soni from Jodhpur area in Rajasthan.

As per reports, during the triathlon competition in which swimming, cycling and running races are done, the youth fell sick. He was immediately shifted to Konark hospital for treatment. However, as situation deteriorated he was then shifted to Puri Medical. However, in the hospital the doctors declared him dead.

The reason of the death is yet to be ascertained.

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  1. nav says

    Nitin Soni has completed the entire triathlon and received a medal and certificate for the completion of this, after he had returned to his hotel room where he felt sick and was rushed into an ambulance

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