Tragic tale of a brave mother from Bhubaneswar on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Bhubaneswar: Amiyabala Parida from the capital city of Odisha is surely a brave mother and an inspiring woman. Her tragic tale as well as inspiring efforts deserve a mention on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The lady has showed what best a mother can do even after the death of her husband and young son.

In some Hindu religious texts woman has been compared to earth. Mother earth bears much pain but never retaliates. Furthermore, she provides food through plants and trees. Similarly, women in India have been praised for their sacrifices. Amiyabala Parida is undoubtedly one of these inspiring women.

Parida is a lecturer by profession from Patrapada, in the outskirt of Bhubaneswar. Approximately one year back her young son was killed in a road accident. It was a huge setback for her. She got disheartened. Yet, after some days she consoled herself and decided to do something, by which no other woman would have to be a victim like her. She registered a Trust in the name of her son and worked on road safety.

Unfortunately it was not the end of the story. She had to face another huge heartbreaking event in her life. Her husband Chandiprasad, who was bedridden for the last 11 months following a brain stroke, passed away on May 3.

During lock down it was a tough task for the woman to complete the funeral rites of her husband. She herself arranged a mortuary van and shifted the corpse of her husband to Puri along with some others.

The heart-breaking moment was when she had to perform the ritual of giving ‘Mukhagni’ to the dead body of her husband at Swargadwar on May 3.

In Hinduism, a son performs the funeral rites of his deceased father. However, in this case since her son had died earlier, the woman herself performed this rite holding the photograph of her son. (Symbolically her son performed the rite). She held photograph of her (dead) son in one hand and the funeral torch in the other hand and set the corpse on fire. It was a hugely emotional moment for everyone present over there. The few people who knew about her and were present there burst to tears witnessing such an ill-fated moment.

After loss of the two most important members of her life the woman was deeply saddened. However, she wanted to keep her son and husband alive in her thoughts and by serving others.

Amiyabala has registered two Trusts, one each, in the names of her son and husband. While the Trust in the name of her son works on road safety, the Trust that is named after her husband works to educate socially and economically neglected children.

Interacting with Kaling TV she said, perhaps God wanted that she should not continue as the mother of just one child, but she should work in life like the mother of many children.

Hats off to Amiyabala Parida.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day 2020 discussion of the heroic act of such a woman is truly a token of respect to her as well as such other mothers, who have borne immense pain but have still contributed to their families and the society.

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