This Is How You Can Open Others’ WhatsApp In Your Phone

Technology has become quite advanced. In today’s time, this technology has eliminated the distance between people. People are connected to each other through chat, video calls. For this, most people use WhatsApp in today’s time.

WhatsApp is the most used app by the people. Although WhatsApp claims that its chats are encrypted, but many times people’s WhatsApp chats are leaked or hacked. Today we are going to tell you the way through which you can open someone else’s WhatsApp in your phone. It will take only 1 minute. In this one minute game you can hack anyone’s WhatsApp.

Research by International Cyber ​​Security revealed a link to WhatsApp. In this cell, many people have complained about their WhatsApp being hacked. One thing came out in every complaint.

Whose hacked WhatsApp, their mobile phone went in the hands of someone else, only for a minute. That is, by taking someone’s phone for a minute, you can open their WhatsApp in your mobile.

We are going to tell you the easiest way to hack WhatsApp. However, you should not do this. But if you feel that your partner is cheating on you and through your chats, your doubt can be cleared, then you can use it.

The easiest way to hack WhatsApp is through call forwarding. It is used the most. For this, take the phone of the person whose phone you want to hack for 1 minute.

Now go to his dialpad and dial * 21 <mobile number> #. After this, click on the calling option. Put the number on which to forward the call. Dial ## 21 # on Victim’s mobile dialpad to turn off call forwarding. This will make all the calls of his phone normal.

By doing this, call forwarding will become active in that person’s phone. After this, as long as this service is active, all the phone calls of the person will come on the registered number.

Now create an account by entering the number of whose account you want to hack on WhatsApp in your mobile.

WhatsApp verification call will come to your mobile in a short time. Enter the code mentioned in your mobile.

After doing this, that person’s WhatsApp will open in your mobile. Now you can easily use his WhatsApp and see who messaging him.

NB: This story has been written with the purpose of informing you so that you can remain alert and think twice before giving your mobile phones to strangers.


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