The Dancing umpire of Odisha cricket: Watch

By: Himanshu Guru

Umpire, the judge of a cricket match is noticed by the spectators only when he gives the judgement. Using his hand and legs he gives instant judgement to each happening of the match. Spectators normally watch the players and movement of the ball but point their view to the umpire when he gives the decision.

However, there are some cricket umpires who also get attention of the spectators for their special skill and performance besides their judgements. Some umpires have earned attention for their dance moves inside the field.

While in international and national cricket, some umpires have earned popularity for their extra exhibitions inside the field, an Odia youngster from Dhenkanal district has lately grabbed attention for dancing during cricket match. He has been dubbed as ‘the dancing umpire of Odisha’.

Many of us have heard of Billy Bowden who is much popular for his special style of giving judgement during international cricket matches. When it comes to national cricket in last December an umpire in Maharashtra had grabbed attention for using his legs in place of hands to signal for a ‘Wide’ during the Purandar Premier League. The video went viral after being uploaded to Twitter.

Meet Bablu Sahu from Dhenkanal district of Odisha, who has earned popularity as the dancing umpire of Odisha. The 19 year old youngster, native of the Kusumundia village in Dasipur panchayat under Kankadahada block of Dhenkanal district has won heart of cricket lovers for his dance steps during cricket matches.

Well known as the dancing umpire in Dhenkanal and Angul districts, cricket lovers of other districts have also started to know him for his dance during matches.

A third year Science student of Parajanga College, Babulu dances to the tune of music and gives sign after each ball. He signs for ‘four runs’, ‘six runs’ and ‘Out’ with his dance moves. And hence, he has started to get umpiring offer from different places. As per reports, he does not belong to a well to do family and for his pocket money and study expenses he has taken up cricket umpiring.

Babulu is inclined to music, comedy and cricket. His father Ugrasen Sahu is a farmer and mother Babin Sahu is a homemaker. This young umpire had initiated his cricket umpiring career from a match at Dihadol of Parajanga block. So far he has umpired in more than 100 cricket matches. He has earned popularity for his dance during cricket umpiring.

With inputs from Dushmanta Mohanty, Kamakhyanagar

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