Tapaswini-Sumit marital discord: Video of wife demanding Rs 8 Lakh goes viral

Berhampur: A new twist on Tapaswini-Sumit marital discord has come to the fore as a video has gone viral where the wife was seen demanding Rs 8 lakh from her husband.

Reportedly after the video went viral all over the internet, Sumit has said that his mental state has completely been destroyed. “We have not taken a single penny from them. Tapaswini has been lying in front of the world to hide a single fact,” he said.

Sumit also said that he also has the proof to prove that Tapaswini was talking to another boy during all this messed-up situation. “She is only defaming my family by doing all these things,” said Sumit.

Earlier on Sunday, Tapaswini said that her father had paid Rs 8 lakh to Sumit for studying before their marriage took place. “I will put all the facts straight before the court, I expect to get justice,” she said.

Tapaswini and Sumeet had reportedly legally married at a marriage registrar’s office a while ago. Later, their families allegedly decided to solemnize their marriage through customary Hindu rituals on November 22. However, when Dimple and her family were waiting for Sumeet and his kin at the wedding venue, the latter did not turn up. Even they did not allegedly respond to phone calls.

Tapaswini and her mother went to her in-laws’ house at Brahma Nagar in the Silk City and staged a demonstration demanding that she should be accepted and allowed by Sumeet and his family members to live with them as Sumeet’s wife.

It is to be noted that after Sumit released the viral video of Tapaswini demanding eight lakh rupees, another audio of Sumit talking with another lady has also gone viral.


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