Supply Inspector Caught In Vigilance Net in Khordha, Odisha

Khordha: Tightening the noose around the necks of the corrupt officials, Vigilance sleuths today caught red handed a supply inspector in Khordha district on the charge of taking a bribe of Rs. 20,000.

The accused supply officer has been identified as Marshalin Padhihari.

As per reports, a dealer of Palla area Ambika Prasad Das collected Rs. 20,000 from 16 PDS dealers and when he was handing over it to the supply inspector the Vigilance officers caught her red handed.

It was a combined operation by the Vigilance teams of Khordha, Nayagarh and Bhubaneswar. The anti-corruption officials arrested the officer and seized the money from her.

It has been learnt that she used to receive money from the dealers for passing the bill to issue kerosene in the PDS system, every month.  A raid by the anti-corruption sleuths at her house at Dumuduma in Bhubaneswar is underway, the vigilance team intimated.

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  1. Wellwisher says

    If you really want to show corruption go to Bhubaneswar revenue court .you will find drozens of like this for providing any shot of work like conversion of land, Patta etc

  2. Nihar Pradhan says

    It’s a good initiative by the Govt of Odisha. Corrupted person should be kept out of the system ,who ever it may be….

  3. Rabindra says

    Aresst this lady don supply officer. Dismissed her service book. Red mark her service book. Proper investigation and seized her and family property. Then justice odissa.

  4. Muralidhar Swain says

    If the Government wants to show the state Odisha will be a corruption free state then it is very essential to take strong steps against the corrupt officials by the Govt. and also dismiss the service of those persons who are indulge in corruption very soon. Because for any work without bribe nothing is done.

  5. Brundaban Panda says

    There are thousands of such type of cases by the state vigilance pending court s . The court s are adjourning the case s with some plea or other
    What will be result of the market ing inspector gets punishment after a long gape of time.After some she will be again posted to duty and will collect bribe by closing as she knows that in future she will be punished

  6. Ashish says

    This is great news to post to public, but it is also necessary to let public know what kind of action taken on these kind of currupt employee. Kalinga news should keep posting on this incident, until the lady get a suspension letter.

  7. Sisir says

    Thanks to the Govt. for taking initiative action in this locked down period….. and I hope it will continue at all the HO meant at all Distt. HQ also…….

  8. Samir says

    The best way to punish a corrupt officer is to suspend them and ask them to qualify exam once again from the starting without deduction of any salary and give them limited time to pass the exam
    If not pass then permanant dismissal.

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