Odisha Govt seeks recognition of Paika Bidroha as 1st War of Independence

Paika Bidroha
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Bhubaneswar: Odisha government on Tuesday sought recognition of Paika Bidroha (1817) as the first War of Independence in Indian History on the occasion of the Bi-centenary Celebration of the rebellion.

A Cabinet meeting held at the state secretariat this evening said that the state government will submit all proof to back its demand for declaration of Paika Bidroha as the first War of Independence in India.

The state government, in a press release, said that the Paika Bidroha took place a full 40 years before the Sepoy Mutiny (1857), which is considered the first War of Indian Independence. Hence, it needs to be given its rightful recognition as the first War of Independence.

The exemplary  bravery displayed by the Paikas and others in beating back the mighty Britishers from Odisha is a tale of great courage and patriotism. The rebellion was so organized and well structured that it posed a threat to the East India Company. Its impact continued for a considerable period, added the press release.

“The social framework of Paika Rebellion was pluralistic and multi-dimensional. Subsequent freedom movement bore the hall marks of Paika Rebellion. The nature of the revolt was widespread and it was a rebellion in which all sections of people participated. It played the role of a torch bearer and catalyst in shaping future freedom movement,” claimed the state government.

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