Shocking! Woman exhumes dead body of 4-month-old son in Odisha’s Jharsuguda: Watch

Jharsuguda: In an unusual but emotional incident, a woman exhumed dead body of her four year old son from the burial ground after a god man claimed that the kid is still alive. The incident took place in Chandmari area in Jharsuguda of Odisha.

As per reports, the said child had been taken to Jharsuguda District Head quarter hospital on December 1 as he was sick of fever. However, the doctors there declared him ‘brought dead’. Accordingly his family members had buried the kid.

The emotional parents of the kid were not convinced that their child is no more. In the meantime they came across a self declared god man who said that the kid is still alive.

Being excited with this claim, the parents rushed to the burial ground along with others and the mother exhumed her son’s dead body. In an emotional development the woman was seen taking the kid to her lap and tried breast-feeding.

After getting information, Police, accompanied by Childline members visited the place and tried to convince the lady about death of the child. And for confirmation, they sent the child again to the DHH with its mother where the doctors announced that the kid was brought dead.

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