Shocking! Cobra rescued with its mouth glued in Odisha’s Bhubaneswar: Watch

Bhubaneswar: In a strange incident, a cobra was rescued in the capital city of Odisha on Friday which had fell victim of some kind of blind belief. Some miscreants had glued mouth of the reptile when it was rescued by the Snake Helpline volunteers from Old Town area in Bhubaneswar.

After the rescue, the helpline volunteers were shocked to see that mouth of the snake was glued for which it was unable to open its mouth as well as its hood. Some intellectuals claimed the process to be a blind belief practiced by some sects of which the Cobra had fallen victim.

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However, the Snake helpline volunteers rushed the reptile to the Veterinary Surgery & Radiology Department of OUAT for treatment. As per reports, the snake was found to be pregnant from the X-ray that was taken to ascertain if there was any internal injury.

However, a team of vets treated the Cobra and the glue was removed.

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