Scary! Snake found hiding inside school bag, watch video

Snakes are scary reptiles. Most snakes are not particularly aggressive or deadly. However, their association with negative imagery in various works of fiction, as well as in religious writings and discourses have led people to believe that all snakes are dangerous and should always be dealt with rapidly. Though dealing with snakes as soon as possible is not a bad idea, people often think the safest way to do it is kill them, which is not the case at all. They do not want to be around people either, but since humans are encroaching upon forest areas, it is inevitable that the paths will cross. The sad part is that even though neither parties want to interact with each other, when an interaction happens, very rarely do both escape unscathed. However, in a scary incident where a cobra was found hiding inside a school bag, the snake as well as the people involved were able to escape unharmed.

The incident mentioned above happened at Badoni School, in Datiya district of Madhya Pradesh.

The student in question, Uma Rajak in in 10th standard. She felt something move in her bag and informed her teacher about the same. She was completely unaware of the snake having crawled inside her bag till she reached in to get some books. When she informed her teacher, he unzipped the bag and discovered that there was a snake in there. He initially tried to take the snake out using different instruments, but when that failed, he turned the bag over to let all the contents fall out. The books and notebooks tumbled out of the bag, and after some shaking and prodding, the snake, which was determined to be a cobra, came out as well. While the people present scrambled to get to safety the snake scurried away as well.

Thankfully, neither the people present, not the animal, were harmed in any way.

Watch the video here:

Cobra is the common name of various snakes, most of which belong to the genus Naja. All of the known cobras are venomous and many are capable of rearing upwards and producing a hood when threatened.

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