Savitri Brata: Women observe day with fasting and prayers for husbands’ long life

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Bhubaneswar: Thousands of Hindu women made beelines in front of temples across the state with fasting and prayers seeking long life for their husbands on the occasion of ‘Sabitri Brata’ on Tuesday.

Clad in new clothes and bright red bangles, the women offered puja thalis with the ritualistic sindoor, alta, fruits and flowers to the gods and goddesses as a part of their brata.

They observe the day for the well-being of their spouses based on a mythological character Sabitri, who had saved her husband Satyaban from the hands of Yamraj – the God of death.

Savitri Brata is also popularly known as Savitri Amavasya among the people as it falls on Amavasya (no moon day) in the Hindu month of Jyestha.

As per the legend, Savitri Devi was the beautiful daughter of King Aswapati in Madra Desa kingdom. She had chosen prince Satyavan as her husband. Savitri and Satyavan were married with full of traditions. Savitri went to live with respect and perfect obedience to husband and parents-in-laws.

On the death of Satyavan, she vowed for fasting and prayed to Yamraj not to take her husband from her. Yamraj was impressed by the sheer determination and devotion of Savitri. When asked for any boon, Savitri asked for her husband Satyavan’s life. Yamraj granted Satyavan life back and blessed the couple with eternal happiness. From that day, Savitri Brata is observed to mark the dedication of wife’s respect to the husband with lifetime relation.

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