Satya Nagar Area Of Bhubaneswar Declared As Containment Zone By BMC To Contain Covid-19 Spread

Bhubaneswar: BMC has issued an order to declare the area of Satya Nagar as containment zone to contain the spread of coronavirus. The area has not been sealed yet. 

The containment has come after a recent coronavirus case detected in Satya Nagar has no recent travel history neither to any other country nor to any part of India. Thus it is necessary to declare the area as a containment zone, the BMC orgder clearly mentioned.

BMC Commissioner on Tuesday released an order in this regard to implement following direction.

1.The area coming within the boundary as indicated below is hereby declared as the containment zone.

a. Satya Nagar Area to the north of Big Bazar Road

i. Satya Nagar Square to Kali Temple Square

ii. Kali Temple Square to Patanjali Store

iii. Patanjali Store to Bank of India Officers Quarters

iv. Bank of India Officers Quarters to Satya Nagar Square via Missionary of Charity and Axis Bank

b. Satya Nagar area to the South of Big Baar Road

i. PWD Division-3 Office and Quarter Complex

2. No public shall be allowed to move into the containment zone and the inhabitants within the containment zone shall not move out.

3. All the inhabitants within the containment zone shall strictly remain in home. All the shopping establishment of whatsoever nature shall be closed immediately. The supply of essentials and medical requirements will be ensured through various teams formed by BMC.

4. All the government and private institutions located within the boundary of the containment zone is hereby closed forthwith.

5. BMC will supply essentials and ensure medical requirements in the containment zones. The inhabitants can call the Helpline No 1929 for any complaints.

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