Sashisena Temple, An Epitome Of Eternal Love Between A Princess And The Son Of A Minister

Subarnapur: With nearly 108 magnificent temples having architectural and tantric importance, Subarnapur district is also known for Sashisena Temple, which was built in the memory of the undying love of Ahimanikya, the son of a minister and a princess Sashisena.

The Sashisena Temple was constructed by Biramitra Singhdeo between 1902 and 1937, to commemorate the eternal love of Sashisena, the princess of Amaravati and Ahimanikya, the son of the minister of that kingdom.

As per the legend, Sashisena, the daughter of Amravati King Vikram Keshari, had fallen in love with Ahimanikya and they got married secretly. However, Ahimanikya’s beauty charmed Gyanadei Maluni, a witch. She performed witchcraft to take control over Ahimanikya. She transformed him into a lamb during the day and human at night for sexual gratification by using her black magic.

Sashisena prayed to Goddess Bhagabati and with her blessings freed Ahimanikya from the witch’s spell. Finally their true love won.

“Subarnapur is adorned with the very unique Sashisena Temple. Poet Pratap Rai in his poem describes the temple as an epitome of a triangular love between Ahimanikya, son of a dewan, a princess Sashisena and a witch Jynanadei Maluni,” said research scholar Shyamo Prasad Mishra.

The memorial temple, popularly known as Sashisena temple which has no opening at all, now stands and speaks of the tantric practices that once flourished in Subarnapur district.

“It is a story of unconditional and pure love during the 8th century between Ahimanikya, princess Sashisena and a witch Jynanadei Maluni. The eternal love story till today is famous all over the world,” a local Pradyumna Sahu said.

Now the temple lies neglected as no tourists come here. Over the years, cobwebs, dust have developed over the tantric images, destroying the beauty of the temple.

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