Sand artist Satya Narayan Maharana creates Nandighosh Ratha out of bamboos

After two long years of Covid-19, preparations for the world famous “Ratha Yatra” in Odisha is in full swing. Devotees will witness the three deities in their Chariots on the Car festival day tomorrow. In Puri, a lot of people are busy getting the chariot ready for its journey to the Gundicha Temple.

Acclaimed sand artist Satya Narayan Maharana has made a miniature of Lord Kalia’s “Nandighosh Ratha” out of bamboo that is 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide to add to the glory of this celebration and he also created a second smaller “Nandighosh Ratha ” made of ice-cream sticks, measuring 7 inches in height and 6 inches in width, is also made by him. Both chariot representations are perfect replicas of the original. The 16 wheels, 4 horses, two opposite-facing parrots, dadhinauti (arch stone), patita pabana bana (sinner-purifier flag), and sarathi (charioteer) are all accurate details . These little chariots only took him 5 days to make.

By creating a chariot that measured just 1 mm, Satya Narayan Maharana previously held the title of “Exclusive World Record,” and another chariot that measured 1 cm was also recorded in the India Book of Records. He has multiple records for his original creations in the National Books of Records and Asia Book of Records.

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