Sambalpur youth invents instrument to read heartbeat of plants

The instrument will help to calculate exactly how much pesticide is required to keep the plant healthy

Sambalpur: In an encouraging development, a youth from Sambalpur district of Odisha has invented an instrument that can measure heartbeats of plants/trees. It will help to calculate exactly how much pesticide is required to keep the plant healthy. Accordingly, the farmer can apply exact amount of pesticide and thus can cut the cost for unnecessary expenditure.

Meet Akshay Mishra, a teacher from Sambalpur who has invented the instrument. The young scientist has developed the same with the help of two of his assistants.

We know about breathing of plants, but have never heard or measured it. Medical instruments are there to measure heartbeat of faunas whereas instruments to measure the heartbeat of floras has never been heard of.

The machine has been named as ‘Rhythm meter for plant’ by the inventors. It is commonly known as organic watch.

This project has made it to the top 4 category in the “3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award”.

With this machine heartbeat of the plant and its growth rate can be measured. Farmers can also use this machine to calculate the exact amount of pesticides required to protect the crops having the desired yield.

As per reports, Akshay had earlier invented one more machine named ‘Electrolyter 1005’ which was approved by KIIT and he was also awarded for the same.

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  1. Sanjib says

    When can the administration restrict unmasked individuals in Sambalpur ? This is happening in Sambalpur. Forget about ordinary citizens, even personnels working in Covid testing centre are throwing caution to the air.
    They are our guides.

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