Rs 2 crore fraud over selling of plot in Bhubaneswar: 1 arrested

Bhubaneswar: Mancheshwar Thana Police in Bhubaneswar arrested a person here on Monday for fraud of Rs 2.12 crore that was allegedly defrauded over selling of plot. The accused was at large for the last one year who had allegedly defrauded a former College Principal.

The accused has been identified as Padarabinda Mahapatra.

As per reports, a former Principal of the PN College, Khordha contacted bank after seeing an advertisement in a News Paper for the auction of a land in 2019. The bank advised him to contact the person who had mortgaged the said land with the bank.

As per the allegation, the accused had kept an IDCO plot on mortgage to the bank while he could not repay the amount. Hence, the bank started process for auction of the said plot and contacted Mahapatra to auction it in Rs 1.62 crore. However, after getting the money, the accused was absconding.

Reportedly, the accused also contacted the former Principal and allegedly defrauded him. However, Mancheshwar Police have arrested him. Further investigation of the case is underway.

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